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Hamlet and Bereavement

Hamlet and Bereavement August 13, 2018 at 03:39AM

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Looking Back at Postgres – https://t.co/85RDmXOfQo — Christopher D. Long (@octonion) June 16, 2020 via https://twitter.com/octonion

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Your evaluation of the late Justice and disagreement with your professor reminds me of this trenchant takedown of conservatism and its apologists:https://t.co/xymjoAwvkR pic.twitter.com/1Qr1ETyAwH — Patrick John Gillam (@PatrickGillam) September 8, 2020 via https://twitter.com/PatrickGillam

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Meet Eric Blomster: The creator of Svensk Husman Socks – the most Swedish socks you've ever seen https://t.co/eYlPxTRQPS pic.twitter.com/4FiW3aqPBw — SwedesInTheStates (@SwedesinStates) August 20, 2020 via https://twitter.com/SwedesinStates

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Over the last weeks I've been thinking a lot of what sets Zoomers and Millennials apart, and I think it is that Zoomers deeply understand that their behavior is input to algorithms rather than just being passive consumers of algorithms. This makes them so much more powerful. 1/🧵 — Malte Ubl (@cramforce) July 2, 2020 […]

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I was recently interviewed about something painful in my life. I learned more about how not to be an interviewer than anything I've read/practiced. This is a devastating time for so many, and people don't owe us their stories. Some insights on how to be respectful & empowering: — Annie Hylton (@HyltonAnne) July 1, 2020 […]

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Wow: New paper finds that in states that instituted salary history bans, African Americans saw salary increases in new jobs of between 13-16%, women saw increases of 8% on average. Author concludes asking for salary history is a way to perpetuate discrimination. https://t.co/PKIBRKYW3R — Christopher Mims (@mims) June 18, 2020 via https://twitter.com/mims

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Psychologists have tried to determine how much these traits are genetically inherited, by comparing identical vs. fraternal twins. Roughy speaking: psychopathy is 65% inherited, narcissism 60%, but Machiavellianism just 30%. (There are h² figures.) (4/n) — John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) June 21, 2020 via https://twitter.com/johncarlosbaez

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The Apple Marketing Philosophy, from 1977 ▪️ Empathy▪️ Focus▪️ Impute pic.twitter.com/5R2Sr8oOes — Brian Wagner (@BrianRWagner) June 30, 2020 via https://twitter.com/BrianRWagner

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For those interested in Alameda history, this text is considered (by some) as "The Bible of Alameda History." https://t.co/pSfd6Csmns (PDF) #Alameda #AlamedaHistory #alamtg — RAsheed ☥ Shabazz (@Rasheed_Shabazz) August 5, 2020 via https://twitter.com/Rasheed_Shabazz

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We’re used to God having many names, but what about pronouns? How do you talk about God? I make a case for calling God “they” in our latest video. https://t.co/wOIckEakUg pic.twitter.com/JkIQDJQSj9 — Peter Enns (@peteenns) June 25, 2020 via https://twitter.com/peteenns

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Neat resource alert: the Trans Journalists Association has curated an incredible style guide re: how to respectfully report on trans communities! It covers everything from language to ethical editing practices, and it is Very Goodhttps://t.co/ApswVGP51n pic.twitter.com/NsOPv15JoM — Elizabeth Blackstock (@eliz_blackstock) August 18, 2020 via https://twitter.com/eliz_blackstock

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Neuroscience is finding what propaganda has long known: nostalgia doesn’t need real memories – an imagined past works too. Editor’s pick: https://t.co/QOxIFHU1KF — Aeon+Psyche (@aeonmag) July 25, 2020 via https://twitter.com/aeonmag

Be More Chill (Riends Cast)

Be More Chill (Riends Cast) July 22, 2020 at 01:34PM

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ME, IN TEARS: you can't just say every single part of a computer system is a fileUNIX, POINTING AT THE MOUSE: file — quarantine 'em (@qntm) September 24, 2020 via https://twitter.com/qntm

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Former APF Chief on unbundling police: "I don't think that there's a police officer in Alameda or anywhere else that wouldn't be happy to have mental health professionals be the primary responders to mental health calls, I think that's one. — Lauren Do (@laurendo) October 12, 2020 via https://twitter.com/laurendo

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Recent project: scraping 2 million property tax pages to visualize the effect of California's prop 13https://t.co/GgBCAsLDN8 pic.twitter.com/G3g3RZPUHh — Ian Webster (@iwebst) October 13, 2020 via https://twitter.com/iwebst

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I've been reflecting on what the most surprising learnings I've had, working at well-known tech "unicorns" like Skype, Skyscanner, Uber. Here is a list, as I'm writing up these reflections in more detail. pic.twitter.com/KZzuTOu8nV — Gergely Orosz (@GergelyOrosz) April 26, 2020 via https://twitter.com/GergelyOrosz

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When Sweden play Denmark the scoreboard says SWE-DEN and the unused letters from both teams spell out Denmark https://t.co/6cqDMINTDQ — Ben (@CitysEra) May 5, 2020 via https://twitter.com/CitysEra

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I read somewhere that people with anxiety LOVE rewatching old tv shows and movies they have seen millions of times bc there is no ounce of anxiety in wondering what the end result is. Now I know why I prefer to rewatch than start something new😅 — ☕️ (@overlyorganic) May 7, 2020 via https://twitter.com/overlyorganic