Your Speech Is Packed With Misunderstood, Unconscious Messages

“Experiments with ums or uhs spliced in or out of speech show that when words are preceded by disfluencies, listeners recognize them faster and remember them more accurately. In some cases, disfluencies allow listeners to make useful predictions about what they’re about to hear.”

This Is How To Easily Make Your Relationships Awesome: 4 Secrets

“They say, “It’s a beautiful day.” From a bid perspective, there are three types of responses:

  • You can “turn toward” the bid: “Wow, it really is.”
  • You can “turn against” the bid: “What are you talking about? Looks just like yesterday.”
  • You can “turn away” from the bid: You don’t reply. Or you say, “We’re going to be late. Let’s get going.””

Everything I’ve Learned About Gun Control

“However, a lot of these existing laws are poorly enforced. Tens of thousands of felons or fugitives attempt to buy guns each year and are not prosecuted. Straw purchasers are under-prosecuted. Federal background check databases are incomplete, and federal agencies routinely fuck up and allow people to buy guns who shouldn’t.

That said, there are still loopholes one could drive a truck through.”

The Nordic Glass Ceiling

“Nordic welfare institutions influence work incentives for women in a number of ways. The Nordic welfare system has been designed to encourage parents to engage in market work while benefiting from various forms of public funding. But research suggests that national paid and unpaid leave policies, work entitlements, and other family benefits encourage women to work part-time rather than full-time. This hinders their ability to develop top careers.

The European Commission’s research suggests that part-time work often accompanies public parental benefits in Sweden. Eva Meyersson Milgrom and Trond Petersen similarly conclude in a study that the glass ceiling ‘appears to be more severe in the Scandinavian countries with their generous family policies, than in the U.K., U.S., and other comparable countries.'”

Why California Politics Is Always 15 Years Ahead

“The clearest example of this trailblazing is the modern conservative ascendance, starring Ronald Reagan himself. Reagan ushered in the conservative era of California politics when he was elected governor in 1966. He beat a two-term incumbent liberal Democrat, Pat Brown (father of Jerry Brown) and muscled out the more conventional progressive Republicans (yes, they existed) of that time.

Reagan then did largely the same thing at the national level roughly 15 years later. He bested the more conventional Republican candidates and beat the incumbent liberal Democrat Jimmy Carter.”

Why White Evangelicalism is so Cruel

“White Evangelical Christians opposed desegregation tooth and nail. Where pressed, they made cheap, cosmetic compromises, like Billy Graham’s concession to allow black worshipers at his crusades. Graham never made any difficult statements on race, never appeared on stage with his “black friend” Martin Luther King after 1957, and he never marched with King. When King delivered his ‘I Have a Dream Speech,’ Graham responded with this passive-aggressive gem of Southern theology, ‘Only when Christ comes again will the little white children of Alabama walk hand in hand with little black children.’ For white Southern evangelicals, justice and compassion belong only to the dead.”

SSC Journal Club: Friston On Computational Mood

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People are dying because we misunderstand how addicts think

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This Is What The Best Teams And Families All Do: 3 Rituals From Research

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How to Be Rational about Rationality

By Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Highlights include:

“It is therefore my opinion that religion is here to enforce tail risk management across generations, as its binary and unconditional rules are easy to teach and enforce.

Judging people on their beliefs is not scientific.

There is no such thing as “rationality” of a belief, there is rationality of action.

The rationality of an action can only be judged by evolutionary considerations.

Rationality is not what has conscious verbalistic explanatory factors; it is only what aids survival, avoids ruin.

Rationality is risk management, period.”

Level 3 Thinking

“The only way to break through a blind ideology is to be confronted by a compellingly argued contrary belief. Most of our moments of clarity will come from a great book, from an in-depth article, from a conversation with a friend more educated on an issue.”

Lost Art Of Bending Over: How Other Cultures Spare Their Spines

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How to get yourself out of a funk

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Technological Unemployment: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

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Why are U.S. firms holding more cash?

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The Key To Raising A Happy Child

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Why we love tyrants

“The wishes that underpin religious belief have to do with deliverance from human helplessness. We are vulnerable to the forces of nature, such as disease, natural disasters and ultimately death, and also to the acts of other human beings who can harm us, kill us or treat us unjustly. In recognising our helplessness, Freud thinks, we are thrown back on an infantile prototype: memories of the utter helplessness that we experienced as infants – our complete and appalling dependence on the adults who cared for us (or failed to care for us). Religious people deal with their feelings of helplessness, he suggested, by clinging to the illusion of a powerful, protective deity who will grant them an afterlife.”


“In the Kleinian scheme, there are two primary forms of psychotic anxiety: paranoid anxiety, which is the terror of being persecuted by evil, eternal forces, and depressive anxiety, which is the sense that one is guilty of having destroyed what one loves and values. Klein also described what she called the manic defence, which is a denial of helplessness and dependence on others by delusions of power, grandeur and self-sufficiency, and is expressed in the attitudes of triumph, control and contempt.”

How To Embrace Vulnerability As Your Greatest Strength

“It is no use erecting barricades around you while hoping at the same time others will see the blossoming flower within.

The wall you construct prevents your true nature from being known to others.

It was Rumi who said: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

You must accept your vulnerability if you wish to live a wholesome life. Even the smallest act of letting down your guard is a commitment to your personal growth.”

Will truckers be automated? (from the comments)

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