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A Hungarian physics lab may have found a fifth force of nature — (@kottke) May 25, 2016 via

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Expert economists on whether rent control helps keep overall rent down1 said yes33 said no3 not sure — Mike Rosenberg (@ByRosenberg) October 31, 2016 via

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An excellent if depressing read from @bdomenech on how the Right has changed since the 1978 Reagan-Buckley debate — Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) October 25, 2016 via

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Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer & why he still has his job at #Apple @tim_cook @Steven_Ballmer — UC Berkeley (@UCBerkeley) October 24, 2016 via

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1) A few thoughts about racism and the GOP, inspired by this piece on the collapse of Paul Ryan. — Ian Millhiser (@imillhiser) October 24, 2016 via

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Architects are recreating Shakespeare’s Globe theater out of shipping containers — and it looks stunning — Business Insider (@businessinsider) October 24, 2016 via

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Venkat (@vgr) on the tech culture I know and love — Kevin Simler (@KevinSimler) October 19, 2016 via

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Long-term view of work, and childbearing in the US. Thanks, @ipums for making this so easy to create. @CountWomensWork — Gretchen Donehower (@gretchenatdemog) October 17, 2016 via

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In his remarks, @POTUS said this (to laughter and applause) about leadership, Silicon Valley, and democracy: — Andrew Nacin (@nacin) October 15, 2016 via

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Fascinating study from Cambridge U: With body-worn cameras, complaints against police "virtually vanish" — Sean Lahman (@seanlahman) October 5, 2016 via

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My word, this is amazing. — ORAL TURINABOLSHEVIK (@dj_mosfett) October 3, 2016 via

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The self-owning car. — bitcoin.txt (@bitcoin_txt) September 13, 2016 via

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This is from a book called "Software Engineering Economics", published in 1981. #UX — Dorian Taylor (@doriantaylor) September 9, 2016 via

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The Cinemax Theory of Racism: Or, why voting Trump was racism, even if you don't see yourself as A racist. — John Scalzi (@scalzi) November 10, 2016 via

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So here goes. Here's a piece from 2009 explaining why there are no permanent majorities in politics. — Sean T at RCP (@SeanTrende) November 10, 2016 via

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This country is divided. But it's not racial divisions that hold us back. It's white ppl that are most divided today. — Marco Rogers (@polotek) November 9, 2016 via

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Excellent piece by @ggreenwald on Trump's upset, Brexit, and elites' habitual sidestepping of their failures: — Tim (@armstrongtr) November 10, 2016 via

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Possibly the greatest scene in documentary history. Incredible. #PlanetEarth2 — ✏️ (@MrLukeJohnston) November 7, 2016 via

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"I keep hearing about Occam's razor. Do you know what it is?" "Probably a razor owned by someone named Occam." "Oh. Yeah, simple enough." — James Miller (@ASmallFiction) November 6, 2016 via

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Give Elvis Costello’s unreleased baseball song a listen. (Then read all about it here: — It's a long season. (@mighty_flynn) November 2, 2016 via