Coffee, Magic and the ineffable joy of Hunter Pence

““I can’t really control what others think of me, I can only offer love,” Pence says. “I can only control what I offer to others, and what I offer to the game. So I have a mindset that like I always offer love, regardless of what is given to me. You don’t have to earn my love, I give it to you unconditionally. Even if you hate me, or are mad at me or whatever. My goal, it’s just a goal of mine, is to only offer love, unconditional love, regardless of conditions. I don’t need you to prove anything to me for me to love you. I just feel like that puts you in a much more peaceful state.”

He pauses, then decides to add one minor explanation. “There’s still grit and dirt and be tough, it’s still there. We’re not saying to be soft.””