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Why conventional wisdom on health care is wrong (a primer)

Why conventional wisdom on health care is wrong (a primer) Health care spending is well predicted, indeed caused, by income: “Health spending is overwhelmingly determined by the average real income enjoyed by nations’ residents in the long run. The income elasticity of health expenditure is also extremely high at a national level — the health […]

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Christianity’s opening public move, so to speak, was an act of humiliation, shame, and defeat, unworthy of any of the gods. — Peter Enns (@peteenns) April 17, 2019 via

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It struck me a few years ago, sitting there reading some book, as my mind began to wander, that the crucifixion of Jesus is one of those things about the Christian faith that (1) I don’t really understand, and (2) seems vitally important to understand. — Peter Enns (@peteenns) April 17, 2019 via

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"The principle that the end justifies the means is in individualist ethics regarded as the denial of all morals. In collectivist ethics it becomes necessarily the supreme rule" – Friedrich Hayek — The Invisible Foot of Government (@footofgov) February 15, 2019 via

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Jim Lehrer's rules of journalism: — Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) January 23, 2020 via

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See also this excellent documentary about another Berkeley typewriter repair shop: @tomhanks. So well done! — Camille Crittenden (@CamCritt) January 22, 2020 via

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God I love this chart. For most of recorded history, if you had a kid their chance of surviving to age 15 was roughly a coinflip. Then the modern world happened: — Benjamin Morris (@skepticalsports) January 11, 2020 via

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Mayor LaCroix opposed Measure A. The extended version of my article with links/references is here: — RAsheed ☥ Shabazz (@Rasheed_Shabazz) January 11, 2020 via

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“We know what Mister Rogers would do, but even now we don’t know what to do with the lessons of Mister Rogers.” @tomjunod wrestles with the memory and legacy of his friend and the beloved children’s-TV host, Fred Rogers. — The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic) November 7, 2019 via

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IN HIS OWN WORDS: Former NHL player, head coach and executive Craig MacTavish shares stories from a short but memorable run behind the bench of Yaroslavl Lokomotiv in Russia’s #KHL… #TSNHockey — TSN Hockey (@TSNHockey) November 7, 2019 via

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But if you model things that interact with human behavior, and you then show (either explicitly or implicitly) the results of your model to humans, you are via your model changing the very thing you are attempting to predict. Google's ad algorithms aren't just predicting… — Colin Wyers (@cwyers) October 29, 2019 via

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Competence dwarfs all other virtues, and nearly every moral system ever devised aims first at disguising that fact. — Aaron Haspel (@ahaspel) October 28, 2019 via

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Have just heard a paleontologist say this, which blew my head off: When a T-Rex was alive all Stegosaurus were already fossils. A T-Rex is closer in time to an iPad than to a Stegosaurus. — Marc Willcox (@MarcWillcox) September 2, 2019 via

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"…an interruption is something less important that 'gets in the way' of going somewhere or doing something more important. Now, when we read about the life of Jesus, he seems to have a different take on interruptions…" @jbyas — Peter Enns (@peteenns) August 7, 2019 via

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101 pilots on "temporary leave" from US Army have formed a mercenary airforce in China, fighting Japanese invaders as the "Flying Tigers". — WW2 Tweets from 1941 (@RealTimeWWII) August 7, 2019 via

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You could make a case that this was Lucy's 2nd attempt to hold the football still, as this attempt took place in the early 1950s. But in the 1979 strip, she seemed well intentioned (for once). — Tom Heintjes (@Hoganmag) August 2, 2019 via

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Today in Comics History: In "Peanuts" on August 2, 1979 (40 years ago), Lucy actually tried to hold the football in place so Charlie Brown could kick it. (Predictably, it did not end well for either of them.) — Tom Heintjes (@Hoganmag) August 2, 2019 via