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Hamlet and Bereavement

Hamlet and Bereavement August 13, 2018 at 03:39AM

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Looking Back at Postgres – — Christopher D. Long (@octonion) June 16, 2020 via

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Your evaluation of the late Justice and disagreement with your professor reminds me of this trenchant takedown of conservatism and its apologists: — Patrick John Gillam (@PatrickGillam) September 8, 2020 via

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Meet Eric Blomster: The creator of Svensk Husman Socks – the most Swedish socks you've ever seen — SwedesInTheStates (@SwedesinStates) August 20, 2020 via

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Neat resource alert: the Trans Journalists Association has curated an incredible style guide re: how to respectfully report on trans communities! It covers everything from language to ethical editing practices, and it is Very Good — Elizabeth Blackstock (@eliz_blackstock) August 18, 2020 via

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For those interested in Alameda history, this text is considered (by some) as "The Bible of Alameda History." (PDF) #Alameda #AlamedaHistory #alamtg — RAsheed ☥ Shabazz (@Rasheed_Shabazz) August 5, 2020 via

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Neuroscience is finding what propaganda has long known: nostalgia doesn’t need real memories – an imagined past works too. Editor’s pick: — Aeon+Psyche (@aeonmag) July 25, 2020 via

Be More Chill (Riends Cast)

Be More Chill (Riends Cast) July 22, 2020 at 01:34PM

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Over the last weeks I've been thinking a lot of what sets Zoomers and Millennials apart, and I think it is that Zoomers deeply understand that their behavior is input to algorithms rather than just being passive consumers of algorithms. This makes them so much more powerful. 1/🧵 — Malte Ubl (@cramforce) July 2, 2020 […]

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I was recently interviewed about something painful in my life. I learned more about how not to be an interviewer than anything I've read/practiced. This is a devastating time for so many, and people don't owe us their stories. Some insights on how to be respectful & empowering: — Annie Hylton (@HyltonAnne) July 1, 2020 […]

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The Apple Marketing Philosophy, from 1977 ▪️ Empathy▪️ Focus▪️ Impute — Brian Wagner (@BrianRWagner) June 30, 2020 via

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We’re used to God having many names, but what about pronouns? How do you talk about God? I make a case for calling God “they” in our latest video. — Peter Enns (@peteenns) June 25, 2020 via

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Psychologists have tried to determine how much these traits are genetically inherited, by comparing identical vs. fraternal twins. Roughy speaking: psychopathy is 65% inherited, narcissism 60%, but Machiavellianism just 30%. (There are h² figures.) (4/n) — John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) June 21, 2020 via

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Wow: New paper finds that in states that instituted salary history bans, African Americans saw salary increases in new jobs of between 13-16%, women saw increases of 8% on average. Author concludes asking for salary history is a way to perpetuate discrimination. — Christopher Mims (@mims) June 18, 2020 via

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Recent project: scraping 2 million property tax pages to visualize the effect of California's prop 13 — Ian Webster (@iwebst) October 13, 2020 via

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Former APF Chief on unbundling police: "I don't think that there's a police officer in Alameda or anywhere else that wouldn't be happy to have mental health professionals be the primary responders to mental health calls, I think that's one. — Lauren Do (@laurendo) October 12, 2020 via

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ME, IN TEARS: you can't just say every single part of a computer system is a fileUNIX, POINTING AT THE MOUSE: file — quarantine 'em (@qntm) September 24, 2020 via

War, Socialism and the Rise of Fascism: An Empirical Exploration

War, Socialism and the Rise of Fascism: An Empirical Exploration “We document that the increase in the vote share of the Fascist Party was not at the expense of the Socialist Party and instead came from right-wing parties, thus supporting our interpretation that center-right and right-wing voters coalesced around the Fascist Party because of the […]