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Recruiting programmers to your startup – Chris Dixon

Are we alone in the universe? – The Washington Post

Krauthammer does an interesting.

Regrets of the Dying

Mission: Burfjord

“Within ten minutes I am out of sight of all the houses and all I see are comic book mountains and open water. But all around me are the invisible tendrils of Scandinavian socialism, just watching and waiting for a single moment of weakness in order to strike, and provide me with skilful medical attention, or rescue me from the sea, or show me that despite my efforts to hide from the world entirely I am standing on a spot with five bars of cell phone coverage.”

Siddalee Joy Mall—Holiday Newsletter, 2011

I like this more for the transitions between sections than the content itself.

5MB Hard Disk Drive, 1956 | Retronaut

Navigating Love and Autism –

Heroes Of Mumbai’s Taj Hotel: Why They Risked Their Lives : NPR

“The Taj hotel has made its name on customer service, and they are near maniacal about it, treating it almost like a science.”

Why We Haven’t Met Any Aliens

“This is the Great Temptation for any technological species—to shape their subjective reality to provide the cues of survival and reproductive success without the substance. Most bright alien species probably go extinct gradually, allocating more time and resources to their pleasures, and less to their children.”

As Scott Adams said, “The holosuite will be mankind’s last invention.”

Sweden’s bizarre tradition of watching Donald Duck (Kalle Anka) cartoons on Christmas Eve. – Slate Magazine

We’ve made this part of my family’s Christmas Eve tradition here in the USA, too. Just to have some connection to the old country’s traditions.

A ‘Moneyball’ Approach to College

From The Chronicle of Higher Education

The new science of our cross-wired senses – Ideas – The Boston Globe

Here is an article that could be enhanced by explaining that our signal pathways are noisy, and the brain need to compensate for that.

In Investing, It’s When You Start and When You Finish – Graphic –

Great chart. If you want stable stock market returns, invest for 60 years.

Paul Graham: Holding a Program in One’s Head

Yup again.

A geek with a hat » Why programmers work at night


Sweden Lets Citizens Run Its Twitter account

Brilliant! Or stupid! One of those.

NHL: Flyers-Lightning: The Worst Hockey Game Ever –

Bet some rules get changed after this…

Clayton Christensen on health care

“categorizing the world as private multi-payer vs. government single-payer systems is the wrong categorization scheme.”

Cosmic Log – Higgs vs. hype: a mini-guide

From Finland, an Intriguing School-Reform Model –

“The primary aim of education is to serve as an equalizing instrument for society.” That’s not exactly how I would have defined the aim of education…