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For those interested in Alameda history, this text is considered (by some) as "The Bible of Alameda History." (PDF) #Alameda #AlamedaHistory #alamtg — RAsheed ☥ Shabazz (@Rasheed_Shabazz) August 5, 2020 via

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Neuroscience is finding what propaganda has long known: nostalgia doesn’t need real memories – an imagined past works too. Editor’s pick: — Aeon+Psyche (@aeonmag) July 25, 2020 via

Be More Chill (Riends Cast)

Be More Chill (Riends Cast) July 22, 2020 at 01:34PM

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Over the last weeks I've been thinking a lot of what sets Zoomers and Millennials apart, and I think it is that Zoomers deeply understand that their behavior is input to algorithms rather than just being passive consumers of algorithms. This makes them so much more powerful. 1/🧵 — Malte Ubl (@cramforce) July 2, 2020 […]

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I was recently interviewed about something painful in my life. I learned more about how not to be an interviewer than anything I've read/practiced. This is a devastating time for so many, and people don't owe us their stories. Some insights on how to be respectful & empowering: — Annie Hylton (@HyltonAnne) July 1, 2020 […]

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The Apple Marketing Philosophy, from 1977 ▪️ Empathy▪️ Focus▪️ Impute — Brian Wagner (@BrianRWagner) June 30, 2020 via

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We’re used to God having many names, but what about pronouns? How do you talk about God? I make a case for calling God “they” in our latest video. — Peter Enns (@peteenns) June 25, 2020 via

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Psychologists have tried to determine how much these traits are genetically inherited, by comparing identical vs. fraternal twins. Roughy speaking: psychopathy is 65% inherited, narcissism 60%, but Machiavellianism just 30%. (There are h² figures.) (4/n) — John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) June 21, 2020 via

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Wow: New paper finds that in states that instituted salary history bans, African Americans saw salary increases in new jobs of between 13-16%, women saw increases of 8% on average. Author concludes asking for salary history is a way to perpetuate discrimination. — Christopher Mims (@mims) June 18, 2020 via

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Recent project: scraping 2 million property tax pages to visualize the effect of California's prop 13 — Ian Webster (@iwebst) October 13, 2020 via

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Former APF Chief on unbundling police: "I don't think that there's a police officer in Alameda or anywhere else that wouldn't be happy to have mental health professionals be the primary responders to mental health calls, I think that's one. — Lauren Do (@laurendo) October 12, 2020 via

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ME, IN TEARS: you can't just say every single part of a computer system is a fileUNIX, POINTING AT THE MOUSE: file — quarantine 'em (@qntm) September 24, 2020 via

War, Socialism and the Rise of Fascism: An Empirical Exploration

War, Socialism and the Rise of Fascism: An Empirical Exploration “We document that the increase in the vote share of the Fascist Party was not at the expense of the Socialist Party and instead came from right-wing parties, thus supporting our interpretation that center-right and right-wing voters coalesced around the Fascist Party because of the […]

Reinhart Koselleck’s theory of history for a world in crisis

Reinhart Koselleck’s theory of history for a world in crisis “According to Koselleck, three basic oppositions structure all historical experience. Every possible history is conditioned, first, by before and after, for example the anthropological span between birth and death that makes each life singular and part of a shared experience distinct from other generations, times […]

The Paradoxical Role of Social Capital in the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Paradoxical Role of Social Capital in the Coronavirus Pandemic “In the King James Version (known to us all from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”) the angels proclaim, “On earth peace, goodwill toward men.” Other translations, in more militant Bibles, render the Greek phrase as “Peace on earth to men of goodwill.” Very much like the […]

Catfish Stew Reanimation

Catfish Stew Reanimation from Ken Arneson

The Paradox of Individualism and Hierarchy

The Paradox of Individualism and Hierarchy “Hierarchy is an organizational tool that comes with both benefits and costs. The benefit is that hierarchy is a potent way of organizing large groups. By concentrating power, hierarchical groups can act cohesively in ways that egalitarian groups cannot. (For details, see Peter Turchin’s book Ultrasociety.) This cohesiveness is […]

It’s Time To Abolish Single-Family Zoning

It’s Time To Abolish Single-Family Zoning The suburbs depend on federal subsidies. Is that conservative? […] In fact, the conservative thing for suburban leaders to do here is to not wait for the federal government to tempt us with more handouts, but to go ahead and show those progressives running the big cities that we […]

War over being nice

War over being nice “Most people don’t have the skills to both express their feelings of frustration and anger, and make sure social harmony is maintained at the same time. In this case, do they err on the side of maintaining social harmony at the cost of their own needs? Or do they get their […]

Wait, what? Sense-making & sense-breaking in modern art

Wait, what? Sense-making & sense-breaking in modern art “If we take the predictive processing model as our most-accurate-yet description of how cognition works, we gain insight into how a piece of art or literary text (for example) interacts with our sensory and analytical systems. We gain a vocabulary for talking about what a “schema,” or […]